PRECO-MSE specializes in designing and implementing projects of all sizes and types, including deep foundations, underpinning structures, soil stabilization, installation of piles and anchors, and much more.

PRECO-MSE partners with Roxboro Excavation, an industry leader in civil engineering in Quebec. This partnership brings together complementary sets of expertise, enabling PRECO-MSE to benefit from outstanding logistical support and deliver complex turnkey projects.

Health and safety

We are fully committed to occupational health and safety and implementing best practices to provide our personnel with a safe and incident-free workplace.


In efforts to sustain our strong productivity and leadership, we maintain and renew our equipment with great care. In addition, we stay current with the latest technology innovations. Our focus on maintaining highly efficient equipment is also part of our company-wide commitment to occupational health and safety.


We are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment. That is why, together with our employees and suppliers, we develop strategies and implement programs designed to minimise that impact. Our strategies include reducing our oil and fuel consumption and increasing our use of recycled and recyclable products.

A dedicated and uniquely qualified team to serve you

PRECO-MSE is more than 150 women and men driven to deliver the very best service. We stand out from competitors thanks to our industry-leading expertise, cutting-edge equipment fleet, unwavering commitment to quality, and ability to deliver projects that comply with parameters. With PRECO-MSE, you benefit from turnkey projects and total peace of mind.
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Training and certification

For the professionals at PRECO-MSE, the most stringent safety standards are always top-of-mind at every project stage. We owe our effectiveness and ability to achieve our objectives to a comprehensive approach and sustained communication between specialized teams and project participants, from the design stage to the implementation phase in the field.

At PRECO-MSE, we rely on a continuous training program to improve our work methods and deliver innovative and productive solutions and attractive price points on each project.

Build your career with PRECO-MSE

PRECO-MSE is constantly on the lookout for keen and talented people seeking professional development opportunities at an innovative and productive company. Send us your resume and let us know what kind of position you are looking for!